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Account Based Marketing Solutions

Tactq identifies your high value target companies by filtering region, industry type, employee size, revenue and many other fields of information which assists you in decision making for your marketing campaign.

A team of dedicated research analysts further build the lists of contacts / prospects for these accounts along with their business email & contact numbers so that your in-house team doesn't invest much of their time. Personalized approach to your prospects will assist you in reducing sales cycle amd increase ROI by having your teams aligned with the goal.

Discover and identify

By utilizing data driven by machines using predictive analytics, intelligently identify the accounts and right decision makers for your business.


Gain full visibility into the market indications that make up the predictive strategies.

Enable Engagement

Choosing apt data from different reliable sources and engaging the customers/clients armed with actionable sales intelligence.

Driving long-term revenue growth.Button up the marketing-to-sales alignment with TACTQ 's Account-Based Marketing Strategy.

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Customer Insights & Analytics

account based marketing

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